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Strings [10 Aug 2006|12:15am]
Ok so I took my cello into the shop today to get it checked because of all the string breakage. The man was very nice and i showed him everything and he told me that the music store that i took it to previously didn't put my bridge on right and it wasn't finished itself. He told me he thinks that problem is the nut and the it squeezing the string causing it to break. After all of this I told him I was planning on purchasing The Larsen Solo set of strings. He told me that they have the life span of a nat and that yagars are better. He showed me a D'Addario set of Unicore Helicore and told me this was my best bet. What do you guys think? any other string suggestions?
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My Job [09 Aug 2006|12:09am]
Hello all, well I got what I wanted. A job. I am now proud to say that I work at Chuck E Cheeses, where a kid can be a kid. I didn\'t think I was going to get the job because i was 15 minutes late for the interview but i guess i was good enough. They called me about 4 days later and asked me if i was still intereste, and since i hadn\'t have got any other calls i said yes. So i went to orientation on Monday and I will start on Fri. I got a name badge and a shirt.ill be the Host that leads the B-day parties. Im excited but nervous too. what do you think? do you think its a good first job?

no more Macy's.... [31 Jul 2006|08:16pm]
OK so as you can tell by the headline Im not going to Macy's.*very sad* you see the mall is quite far from mi casa and since evryone is being a prick and i dont have a car I would have to take the bus...ew. so I eventually talked myself out of it and made the call that I dreaded since high school. My aun is the GM for the Chuck E. Cheese in Riverpark, and I had to call her for a job at another one close to my house. Ive been doing stuff there since i was born and know the ropes like whoa. But i just cant seem to dread it. Its the really ghetto one. The only good thing is that i know about 3 people there and 2 are gay and cute, which may be bad too because I like them and one would be my boss. Since my aunt knows the GM there i got to pick where I want to work and I thik im going to be a Cashier or Party host, which means youll see my fatass dancing infront of everyone!
How am i supposed to get along with these people? ive never worked brfore and never really had to make new friends...i guess im just nervous...any comments?

Macy's [26 Jul 2006|10:38pm]
Ok since my big cello drama, I got an interview at Macy's...MACY'S! I love it!
An interview is good right? omg, I hope i get in!
-Exstatic Dave
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Fresno's Finest Part II [08 Apr 2006|02:57am]
Well Fresno's Finest was a few days ago and I found out that 'Shadow' is a boy and he has very bad tone and he thinks he can improve but it didn't sound good at all! I didn't really care at the end of the day because he made himself sound really stupid. The whole show wasn't that great either, we played a 4 minute song with like three different notes the whole time. But as a whole we did sound good.
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[31 Jul 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | disgusting ]

I just woke up and am feeling pretty crappy! I keep getting these nasty little throbbing pains in my upper stomach. Ive had them since yesterday. egh. last night I had and internet high! I was on from 9:30-30:00, god i feel like a loser.
One the things i looked up was CAlArts, the school in LA. It sounds so wonderful I wish I could go. Its like $26,000 a semester! If i could get Financial aid or a scholarship I would be sooo happy.
I feel soo POOR! omg, my mom and my dad are so in ditch right now. They are taking $250 of my moms check away because of some medical bill...for 9 months! and My dad quit his last job because they weren't paying him for the right hours. so now he's going to that Workforce place in Manchester to find a job. He does this sidew thing where he goes out of town for a week at a atime then he stays home for like ever! and that pays $1700 a trip but when he doesn't work for weeks a time it really doesn't matter. Man im lucky if i get new shoes or any kind of clothes for back to school. everyone went shopping already and i keep making excuses for why i haven't and that im going to pretty soon. I usually wouldn't have said something like this because I know Jackie or Crissy are going to read this but I really cant keep hiding it forever. I usually try and play mR. Preppy and Id love to be able to dress and live like Mr. preppy but that time has came and passed...when I lived at Lodi in the new homes. Now im back in the Ghetto...I hate it!
On the brightside of all that School is starting! I cant wait to see what kind of new people we're going to get for orchestra and Band. I want some little punk to be in my sections so i can fuck his ass up... and maybe even a cute/gay guy might come in...as long as he knows theres only one major gay in the band, and thats me!
Today is the 2nd day of camp...I wish I could be there. Nasty ass ditching and shit caused me not to. Right now they're prolly doing sectionals or String practice. :(
dayum these stupid pains wont go away...I think im going to look them up on the web.
-David Michael (thats my stage name for when I become a famous supermodel)


[25 Jul 2005|03:54pm]
Ok, so I saw Coach Carter, and right away noticed Channing!!! he is sooo hunky! dayum, has anyone met or saw him? picture anything? He also has the perfect body! he's exactly waht i want to look like!

Le elephant [09 May 2005|02:36pm]
My friend is a Bassist and she is looking for the music for the Elephant by Saint-Saens. If anyone could send me the music as a picture it would be awesome.
-David (cellist)

[24 Mar 2005|09:54pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I was once Freznoecherrio. Now Iam Stringendo.

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